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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Portland, OR

Restorative care aims to restore tooth structure, replace missing teeth, or correct damage caused by accidents, injury, or decay. Our dentist will suggest a treatment depending on your dental problem when you visit us. At Pham Dental Care in Portland, we offer these treatments:

Bone Grafting

As people age, gradual bone loss may arise. This can cause the jawbone to shrink over time and put them in danger of losing more teeth. Bone shrinkage can also occur after staying longer with missing teeth. Bone grafting is a procedure where harvested bone tissue or synthetic material is used to replace lost bone, helping restore and rebuild the bone and protect the surrounding teeth.


A tooth filling repairs a cavitated tooth, and cavities arise from tooth decay. During the procedure, our dentist will remove all the decayed parts of the tooth using a drill and clean it before applying a special composite material called a “filling.” Fillings prevent further damage and keep bacteria out of your tooth’s sensitive structures.


Dentures are removable prosthetic devices made from plastic resin or acrylic that replace anywhere from 1-14 teeth in an arch. Full dentures are equipped with false gums to give off a natural look when properly fitted. Partial dentures have replacement teeth attached to metal frameworks and connected by small clasps around existing teeth for improved support.


A dental crown is a thin material made from porcelain, metal alloys, ceramic, zirconium, or resin. Our dentist uses crowns to shield damaged or weakened teeth. Crowns imitate natural teeth shape and color while maintaining or improving the functionality and are an ideal choice if a tooth suffers extensive damage on its surface.


Dental bridges in Portland, OR are replacement teeth with crowns attaching to both sides of the space left by the missing teeth. They combine synthetic materials such as porcelain or ceramic fused to metal, followed by artificial teeth.

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