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Partials & Full Dentures

Partial and Full Dentures in PORTLAND, OR

Are you thinking about replacing your missing teeth? Then you might want to consider partial and full dentures near you. At Pham Dental Care, we offer partial and full dentures as an excellent replacement option.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures: Full and partial dentures. Full dentures are recommended when all of your upper and lower natural teeth are missing. Partial dentures replace only some of the teeth. Both partial and full dentures are removable and can be removed for cleaning or at night.

Full dentures can also be conventional or immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are fabricated after the natural teeth are extracted, and the tissues have healed completely. On the other hand, immediate dentures are inserted into the mouth at the same appointment as your teeth extraction. One of the major benefits of immediate dentures is that you will not be without teeth during the healing period. However, they may need relining as the tissues shrink during the healing period. Talk to our dentist in Portland today to determine which option is suitable for you.

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Regular care and maintenance are important to increase the longevity of partial and full dentures and improve comfort and fit.

  • After removing the denture, clean it with running water to remove any debris and food particles. You can also use a soft toothbrush to clean the denture.
  • Keep the partial and full denture soaked in warm water or a denture-soaking solution. Dentures can warp and distort if left to dry, affecting their fit and comfort.
  • Handle the dentures gently as they can crack or break.
  • If you notice any cracks or discomfort, do not hesitate to contact our dentist near you immediately. We will be happy to help you.

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Partial and full dentures in Portland,OR are excellent for replacing your missing teeth. It is relatively inexpensive, improves speech, and maintains the facial contour improving your appearance. Call us today to book an appointment at Pham Dental Care.

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