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We Are Now Accepting New Patients!

General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Portland, OR

Dental problems like pain in your teeth and gums require immediate attention; timely treatment of jaw and tooth trauma or gum disease can prevent complications and reduce costs. Pham Dental Care in Portland offers preventive and restorative care to our patients. We conduct extensive dental assessments to determine the best treatment plan for your case.

Root Canal Therapy

If you have a pulp infection, you may encounter excruciating pain when consuming something hot or cold. The intense sensations can affect your productivity and impact your quality of life. Our dentist at Pham Dental Care may conduct root canal therapy to eliminate the infection from your tooth’s dental pulp. If untreated, the bacteria could feast on other areas of your oral cavity. Removing the pulp will also eliminate sensitivity and discomfort.

Gum Disease Treatment and Tooth Extraction

If you have early symptoms of gum disease, treatment is essential for preventing periodontal disease. Periodontitis is the progressive version of gingivitis or gum inflammation. It can bring about tooth loss and gum recession. Treatment for gum inflammation is often preventive. It may involve deep cleaning to remove tartar and plaque from the tooth’s surface. Our professional teeth cleaning in Portland stimulate the receding gum line to reattach to the tooth.

Extraction is necessary when our dentist cannot fix a tooth with dental fillings. Removing the tooth is sometimes the only solution to prevent the spread of infection and tooth sensitivity.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Treatment

Teeth grinding can trigger many oral health problems. The tooth surface gradually deteriorates, causing dental caries and sensitivity. The friction could lead to loose teeth and jaw pain, which requires emergency care.

Our emergency dentist will evaluate the cause of your teeth-grinding problem. Stress, anxiety, and lifestyle habits like smoking are risk factors for bruxism. Our dental team may prescribe mouthguards to prevent further tooth damage. We customize the device to ensure optimal protection.

Emergency Dental Care

We provide emergency dental care to patients with oral problems such as knocked-out teeth, gum abscesses, badly broken teeth, or other urgent issues—contact Pham Dental Care for emergency dental care and other treatments in Portland, OR.

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