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Fillings in Portland, Oregon

Have you noticed a cavity in your teeth? Then you might need a dental filling. Dental fillings near you are restorations that replace and restore your teeth. At Pham Dental Care, we offer several fillings to reduce pain and enhance your appearance.

Types of Dental Fillings

Several different types of fillings are now available, and the filling recommended by our dentist in Portland will depend on the tooth and the amount of decay present. Talk to us today to determine which type of filling is suitable for you.

Composite filling

Composite or white fillings are the most commonly used fillings to restore your teeth. They are white and available in different shades to match the color and clarity of your teeth. Composite fillings are extremely esthetic and provide a natural appearance.

Amalgam filling

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings used to restore your back teeth. They provide good strength; however, they have dwindled in popularity due to concerns over mercury content.

Glass Ionomer Cement

Glass ionomer cement contains fluoride and is an excellent choice to restore baby teeth and decay on the tooth roots.

Other metal fillings

Gold metal can sometimes be used to restore teeth. They are fabricated in the laboratory and then cemented onto the tooth.

Taking Care of Your Dental Fillings

Taking care of your dental fillings is crucial for maintaining your oral hygiene. With good care, fillings can last several years or even decades!

  • Maintain a good oral hygiene
  • Avoid food with high sugar content
  • Twice daily brushing and flossing
  • Avoid smoking
  • Visit your dentist in Portland regularly

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The dental filling is a simple procedure and takes 30-45 minutes to complete. It is cost-effective and can improve your smile. If you are looking for dental fillings in Portland, Or., do not hesitate to contact us. Our dentist near you offers different types of dental fillings to restore the esthetics and function in your teeth. Talk to us today to book an appointment at Pham Dental Care.

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