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What to do day before root canal

What to Do the Day before Root Canal?

Root canals are relatively straightforward procedures that help save your infected tooth from extraction. In addition, present-day root canals are more comfortable and are accompanied by shorter recovery times than earlier.

If you have received the dentist’s recommendation in Portland, OR, that you need a root canal to eradicate the infection in a specific tooth, it helps if you plan for the treatment in advance because you can reduce discomfort and stress during and after the procedure. The initial planning also helps speed your recovery because of your preparations before a root canal.

The Portland dentist performs root canal therapy to preserve infected teeth from cracks or deep infections in the tooth. The root canal process entails removing the infected or inflamed dental pulp from the tooth’s center, containing the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. Dental pulp infections are painful and can result in tooth loss. After removing the infection from within the tooth, the dentist cleans and fills the tooth’s center to prevent further infection.

The dental office in Portland, OR, works on the infected tooth in your mouth. However, they provide instructions on what to do a day before a root canal. The steps suggested by the dentist help minimize pain and optimize results from the root canal.

Preparing for a Root Canal

  • Ask Questions: stress and anxiety will concern you the moment you hear about a root canal because you don’t know what to expect. Therefore you can relieve your pressure by asking questions about what to expect from the dentists who will happily guide you.
  • Antibiotics: infections in your mouth can cause swelling and pain, making your root canal recovery uncomfortable. Antibiotics help reduce your risk of diseases after a root canal; dentists sometimes recommend them.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention: You must avoid alcohol and tobacco from 24 hours before your root canal and refrain from having them until you have recovered from your procedure. Smoking can slow your recovery, and alcohol can interact with the pain medications you receive after the process.
  • Sleep Well: before your scheduled endodontic procedure, ensure you get a good night’s rest to keep your body in top shape for the treatment. Your body repairs itself when sleeping, making it essential to take a day off work or school to get another night’s rest after the therapy.
  • Eat before the Procedure: Dentists administer anesthesia in your mouth when performing root canal treatment. The anesthesia numbs your mouth and keeps it numb for approximately six hours, making eating challenging after the treatment. Therefore it helps if you visit the Portland dental office with a stomach full of food.
  • Arrange Transportation: root canals are painful, and anesthesia incapacitates you from operating vehicles. If you receive sedation besides local anesthesia, the medications will leave you exhausted and needing help from a friend or family member to drive you back from the dental office. It helps to make transportation arrangements beforehand to ensure a safe ride home.
  • Stocking Your Pantry: you will likely be hungry by the time the anesthesia subsides and will find the need to have food. However, you must refrain from crunchy and hard foods and avoid scorching foods soon after a painful procedure. You can consider having smoothies, yogurt, soft cereal, milkshakes, and pudding on the day of your treatment. After your inflammation subsides, you can have soft fruits, eggs, and ice cream without nuts, mashed vegetables, or potatoes. Stock up your pantry before you head to the dentist to eradicate the infection from your tooth because you will find it challenging to go shopping after your treatment.
  • Resting: root canals are not similar to dental exams and cleanings and require your body to rest before you recover. It would help if you refrained from strenuous activities like exercising or lifting heavy objects for a couple of days after your treatment.

Before proceeding with your root canal, the Portland dentist will advise you to schedule another appointment with them for restorative dentistry to fix your treated tooth because root canals render a tooth fragile, making it prone to fractures and breakage. Therefore you must plan for a couple of visits to the dentist to restore your tooth with a dental crown.

Root canals have a fearsome reputation, but the treatment is beneficial to preserve naturally infected teeth. In addition, preparing in advance for therapy helps overcome stress and anxiety and make your recovery comfortable.

If you think you need a root canal on a painful and sensitive tooth Pham Dental Care can provide all information on what you can do the day before root canals. Kindly arrange a meeting with them to discuss your treatment and receive the treatment from them to help speed up your recovery.

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